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Toys for Tots Photos and Results

On November 12th RTU hosted the annual Toys for Tots Tournament. We had a very windy day, but fun was had by all. We had a great number of toys donated. Thanks to all that participated. 
At RTU we feel very fortunate to have our volunteers and leaders to make our programs successful and help our community to enjoy the game of tennis. 
Our "Toys For Tots" tournament has been the brain storm of the Taylor family and a great event for a very worthy cause. Joe and Cindie , active members of RTU from the start, have done a tremendous job in promoting, planning, and conducting many activities for RTU, including this function. We appreciate all the time that they have taken from their busy schedule, and express our sincere thanks to them.
Also, many thanks to Shirley Floeter, our publicity director for all of her support. Attached we are forwarding the article that Shirley had written about the "Toys For Tots" , and the Taylor family.