Rockwall Tennis Unlimited

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RTU Court Rules and Guidelines

1. Only RTU members and their guests are allowed to be on the courts at anytime.
2. When you unlock a gate or gates at the courts, please lock ALL of them before you leave the premises.
3. All guests must be accompanied by a member on the court and are held responsible for them.
4. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children.
5. No glassware is allowed anywhere on the courts.
6. No smoking allowed on the courts.
7. Only tennis shoes are permitted on the courts.
8. Courts should be left free of litter on surfaces (e.g. ball cans, lids, towels, paper cups, etc.).
9. Report to the Tennis Committee the condition of courts for various reasons that include the following:
a. Appearance – banners, trash bins full, trash left on court.
b. Maintenance – nets, wind screens, squeegees, etc.
10. Good sportsmanship and tennis etiquette are to be observed at all times. At no time will profanity, racquet throwing, unsportsmanlike conduct, boisterousness or other obnoxious behavior be tolerated. Anyone guilty of such behavior can expect to be asked to leave the courts, and your behavior will be reported to the Director of RTU.
11. Stray balls should be returned as promptly as possible.
12. There should be minimum distractions to other players (cell phones, radios, etc.). Cell phones should be turned off or ring tone set to vibrate or silent.
13. Any game in progress should be allowed to be completed before a court is claimed. Do not cross an active court until the completion of a game or set so as to not interfere with the play of the game.
14. Schedule court time for Leagues: TCD, USTA, METRO, Clinics, Lessons, junior development programs, Mixers, Tournaments, as well as RTU league scheduling with the responsible Tennis Committee Chairperson.
15. All payments for leagues, clinics, lessons and tournaments must be made by the deadline or an additional fee will be charged. You will be able to pay online at the RTU website.
16. The pro will be taking attendance at all clinics and lessons and will turn in any money collected to the Accounts Receivable Chairperson.