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League Rules

Welcome to a new RTU  League season!  The success of this league depends on you!   Here are a few suggestions for a more enjoyable season.

All of the leagues ( Except Monday night Mixed Doubles league),  will play three sets each time. Partners will rotate at the end of each set. Regular scoring will be used, and a 7 point tiebreaker if needed at 5-5.  Monday night league players will play total of 24 games. 7 point  tiebreaker at 12-12. They will be able to play with their partners or match up with someone different, if they so desire. 

A sub list is provided at the bottom of each League Roster. Remember, you are responsible for finding your own sub if you can not play.   Please contact a sub as soon as possible if you are unable to play and call your League Captain to let him/her know who your sub is.  The League Captain will keep J.R. informed of who has a sub and the name of that sub.  Please be considerate and call your own sub in ample time.  It is not fun for your team mates to wait on the courts ready to play and then there is a “no show”.  Just be considerate of other players time.

Leagues start promptly at the scheduled time.  Please be on time.   Arriving 15 minutes prior to your league should allow plenty of time to warm up.

Scores should be kept for all leagues and emailed to JR ( as soon as possible after your league.
At the end of your league time, please return the balls and the scores to the league captains or the designated captain of the night.  If your game runs later than normal, just email the results of your game to J.R.

If you are the last group playing, please help take care of the courts by being sure that all gates are locked when you have finished your game.  These courts are beautiful and it takes all of our care to see that they are maintained properly.  Locking the gates when you leave is just one small way we can help.  Remember that RTU’s Court Etiquette and the general USTA rules will be followed on the courts at all times.

In case of rain/cold, or excessive wind, the leagues will be cancelled.  In general we will postpone  our games if the temperature is above 100 degrees or below 40 degrees.  Be sure to check your e-mails for further updates within one hour prior to your league time.     Contact your captain, if you have any questions.